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Simulation Primer

In building a small simulation model, one can practically understand what this technology is all about.


Let us consider a small "Car Wash System" being considered by an entrepreneur as a start up. He did a small survey and found that on the average one customer, arrives every eight minute. However the car wash equipment requires a flat 10 minutes for any car. He also found that any customer who is likely to wait beyond 5 minutes is unlikely to stay in the queue and may go away. He was determined to retain all his customers and service them well, such that they need not wait for more than 5 minutes. He plans to operate one shift of 8 hours to start with. He requires quick answer as to the number of washing bays required to meet the service level expected, to plan and justify his investment.

Look at the flow chart below of the model of this simple car wash system.
The same flow chart is drawn in ExtendSim as below. There is an animation available. It can be activated, if possible. You will get to know how to draw this flow chart. Or you can try it using the demo software which can be downloaded. In the user manual available in the demo software, similar model is described, but with more elaborate details.
Watch This Video on Simple Car Wash Model Building
  • Average wait time- First Alternate: Nearly 50 minutes with single bay of washing equipment
  • Average wait time- Second Alternate: Less than 5 minutes with two bays of washing equipment
  • Hence two bays are recommended.
Issues in a regular simulation modelling project
Modelling Time
Small simple model can be built in a few hours. However really complex models do take time, depending on its scale and complexity. Kindly contact us for further details.
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