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Extended Answers was started in 2000 by seasoned management practitioner (Abboy Dhankodi, Founder and CEO) who had wide exposure in several areas of engineering and management from 1969 onwards, practices OR based approaches extensively in addition to innovative problem solving. This is an IIM Alumni enterprise and you can look for "excellence". We do everything to have our customers delighted.

Our logo says more !

You would see a grey dot that signifies even mindedness or neutrality at all situations.

The X red symbol signifies excellent and powerful solutions.

The A blue symbol signifies cool effective solutions.

We are committed to serve every manager who seeks our helping hand to make more effective decisions. In short, we can supply any kind of simulation based decision support system including the knowhow to build it. The kind of work, we have done so far, stands for our sincerity, honesty and tenacity to finish and of course innovations. We are happy to find our customers are a satisfied lot, without exception! We are always governed by rules of "Sanadhan Dharma" which is based on Neutrality and Justice

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