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PaperFront ® for Paper and Pulp
What will you gain by FrontWay® simulation technology for Pulp & Paper plants?

The simulation technology or the software required for mimicking every complex process in your pulping plant or paper plant had been perfected by our Partner "FrontWay AB" from Sweden over several years of R&D. This technology had been brought to you in India by Extended Answers who have worked with several foreign and Indian companies for more than a decade in simulation modelling using ExtendSim™ software which is an open software and is of USA origin. PaperFront™ and BenchFront™ software developed by FrontWay are also based on ExtendSim™ software and it runs on PC.


Several paper mills in Sweden use the PaperFront models to make very important technical, financial and cost decisions. It is an extremely mind blowing software, most innovative in terms of its simplicity and yet representing every possible complexity. Many equipment suppliers such as Valmet also use it for their design and further detail analysis.

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While supplier companies also provide suggestions for improvements on individual equipment, the suggestions and models provided by us integrates everything in the plant and also latest possible innovations in the field. The total systems approach is lacking very often and this may adversely impact your bottom line profits. We can create a model for your pulp plant, paper plant or finishing department. All to be runned simultaneously. You can try all your ideas and see their impact on your profits. These virtual plant models enable you to try avoiding costly experiments in your actual plants or solutions that are impossible to implement sometimes in the current plant. This independent assessment by us will surely add more confidence in your vital decision making and helping to reveal hidden value in your assets. This will also lead to "smarter" thinking or approaches from your Process Managers/ Process Analysts, since they can do several "What if" analysis. This engineering and evaluation of mill performance could add several notches to profits, never before envisaged. In combination with the strong scenariohandler easy printouts can be done to show result and settings in strong combination.
These virtual plant models are at an affordable cost which is a small fraction of cost of your actual plants and will help you understand reduction in material costs and energy costs. This will lead to the most scientific way of managing your plant which could lead to enormous cost savings or productivity improvements. Usually ROI may hover around 2 to 10 times the investment.
Following are the areas which may be pointers to improved efficiency:
  • Make process improvements
  • Enable cost reductions
  • Enhance plant efficiency
  • Improve capital efficiency
  • Serve as "Simulation Proof" to convince others
  • To educate and get an understanding of a complex process.
  • Can help gather support from Company Board and Bankers for new investments in plant
  1. Send us an email (, indicating your interest area.

  2. We shall meet you in person or setup virtual meeting through the net to gather more data/information.

  3. Trial model or demo model will be remotely installed.

  4. An offer (in Rs) for model development by FrontWay and Extended Answers will be sent .

  5. A Net meeting or personal presentation will follow.

  6. Model development requires about 3 days to 30 days depending upon the complexity

ExtendSim is the trade mark owned by Imaginethat Inc, USA.
Paperfront and BenchFront are the trade marks owned by FronWay AB, Sweden.

FrontWay has spent about 30 years of development into the products and are very focused on continuous improvements to get a sustainable solution.

Following are examples of graphics symbols used in the Paperfront software

Graphics for Paper Machine
Graphics for Press
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