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This is general purpose simulation software that is so flexible that one can build model using any of the all six simulation techniques such as Discrete Event (DE), Discrete Rate(DR), Continuous Process (Differential Equations based), Monte Carlo(MC), State-Action and Agent based. (For more details, refer:

All most any system, in any field, can be simulated!
Major Fields of Applications
  • Manufacturing including chemical plants
  • Logistics and Supply Chains including Shipping Operations
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Health Care
  • Communications
  • Financial Engineering
  • Agriculture Economics
Why ExtendSim?
Although there are around 50 simulation tools available in the market today, ExtendSim leads the pack because of its unassailable functionalities. However one should try it, to convince themselves that it is the right tool for their problem (Download free demo). Some of the most important features are highlighted here:
  1. Only tool: To handle all the six simulation techniques in one single package reducing total time for learning and use.

  2. Only tool: Open software so that modellers can customize it infinitely, if needed at all. Most often, prebuilt blocks or icons meet the requirements. Simplified C language is used to build models. API (Applications Programming Interface) is free.

  3. It is the most affordable in the market, in spite of being among the top tools.

  4. Easiest to use. Hence even a school student can learn its fundamentals quickly and use it.

  5. Just draw the flow chart of the system you have in mind. After populating with data and other information, it automatically morphs into an animated simulation model of the system. It is that simple, because of its advanced messaging system, transparent to user.

  6. It is self documenting and hence it is very easy to maintain.

  7. Abstraction of several components into convenient hierarchical blocks is enabled in a beautiful way that is peerless. Hence model presentation is extremely simplified and dignified.

  8. Most importantly, productivity of the modeller is enhanced considerably and hence TCO of model comes down drastically.

  9. Model can have its own memory resident database, so that even a novice can operate the model. It is a self standing application without requiring any other tool to operate.

  10. Data interface to external data sources such as Excel, SAP, Oracle etc is available through ADO (Active Data Objects) , Com and ODBC technologies.

  11. Evolutionary optimizer optimises the simulation model without much effort, since most constraints are already specified in the simulation. It comes free.
Product Choices
ExtendSim CP - Continuous Process : The cornerstone of the ExtendSim family of simulation tools. It has a set of core features that are included in all ExtendSim products, plus specialized constructs for modeling continuous processes, also called as System Dynamics.

ExtendSim OR - Operations Research : This tool is for finding operational performance of any system using Discrete Event Simulation. Used to track and analyze the behavior of physical or logical entities when events cause them to change state or move through a system. Most extenstively used simulation tool.

ExtendSim AT - Advanced Technology : ExtendSim AT features a rate-based functionality for modeling bulk systems, such as packaging lines, chemical processes, or network traffic. Use it to specify rates of flow for any high volume or high speed system, then delay and route the flow using flow attributes, constraints and rules. Includes an Add-In for editing an ExtendSim database in Excel and Stat::Fit, distribution fitting software (from Geer Mountain Inc").

ExtendSim Suite - Professional 3D environment : Adds a next generation 3D animation capability to ExtendSim AT, providing a three-dimensional representation of the world of the model. The 3D environment is independent of, but integrated with, the logical model. 3D animation can run concurrently or be buffered.

ExtendSim AT: This bundle consists of ExtendSim CP, ExtendSim OR, Discrete Rate, 2D logical animation and StatFit software. Highly recommended for professional consultants and developers.
ExtendSim Suite: This includes all the functionality of ExtendSim AT and 3D quick animation capability. Highly recommended for corporates.
Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.
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