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Extended Answers extends very strong helping hand in ensuring the skill of the younger generation of students, academics and researches in educational institutions and business schools, matches the needs of India.

Academic Package
This very affordable package consists of the following:
  1. ExtendSim Suite Networked Lab License for a minimum of five and above seats. This package is of the same strength as that supplied industries and other businesses. It consist of ExtemSim OR, Discrete Rate Library, StatFit (for Distribution Fitting of input models), 2D animation, 3D animation and model Database facilities. Hence this package provides complete flexibility to develop simulation models of all six kinds: Discrete Event, Discrete Rate, Monte Carlo, Continuous Process ( using differential equations), State-Action (Markov etc) and Agent Based Modelling. Hence this facilitate to handle all kinds of problem solving using simulation in engineering, agriculture and management and other physical sciences such physics, biology, chemistry etc.

  2. Only e-copy of the user manual and developer manual will be provided for every seat.

  3. All license renewal fees for 5 years from the time of supply is included, out of which there is no fee for first year.

  4. It will be supplied and installed at the premises without any additional charges.

  5. Free training for any number of staff and students, for three days for any of the simulation techniques as detailed above.

  6. Overall price for academic package is very much less than commercial rates which we believe, should help evolve best talents from the institutions.

Scholar Prices

Concessional rates are applicable for the licenses as personal copies for the students who may desire to keep it in their laptops to pursue intensive work in their semester or research projects, apart from lab work.

Institutions that use ExtendSim
It would be perhaps interesting to note that HBS (Harvard Business School in USA) has a core course in ExtendSim simulation modelling for their MBA curriculum and has in fact developed three case studies and two guide papers, which could be bought from this link:
Apart from this, there are several universities like Stanford etc in US and in Europe are using ExtendSim for teaching, research and experiential learning through games etc.
In India, following institutions are using ExtendSim:
  1. Anna University, Guindy, Chennai
  2. Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune
  3. Great Lakes Institute of Management, Manamai, Chennai
  4. University of Cochin, Trivandrum
  5. Indian Institute of Technology, Construction Engineering, Guindy, Chennai
  6. NIT, Rourkela
  7. Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Mudurai,
  8. VJ Somaiya College of Engineering, Vidhya Vihar, Mumbai
Demo Sessions

Since we are actually simulation practitioners delivering simulation based consulting to several leading business organizations, we are aware of wide opportunities that exist in the industry for students who have deep training in simulation. We can actually help in placement of such students, since there is wide demand and supply gap.

We are also ready to extend a helping hand in terms of guest lectures and demo sessions, seminars and workshops on the "Cutting Edge techniques of Simulation" as used in the Industry so that the educational institutions can develop and strengthen their syllabus concerning simulation modelling which is of very high interdisciplinary interest. Kindly contact us for further details.

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