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Simulation Modeling Training

Simulation Model building is essentially visual programming activity using "drag, drop and connect" the icons. Basically a flow chart is built using the ExtendSim blocks to represent the flow of information or flow of entities through the system or both.

Training program helps to sharpen the thinking processes of the participants by way of causality analysis, root cause analysis etc and debugging skills while accelerating the learning process of ExtendSim tool's functionalities towards problem solving. This in effect provides a jump start to model building skills which participants can actually perceive.. Hence participants may be enthused to deliver results in days, instead of in months.

There are a few conceptualization skills the participants need to acquire. Instructor led training imparts such skills rapidly, ultimately gaining problem solving skills. Participants do learn while practically building the model by means of "Goal Based Learning System" and "Hands on" approach. Because of this approach, absorption and retention rates are high and the participants would accumulate actionable knowledge.

Who can participate?

The course is designed for Managers, Engineers, Analysts, Systems Analysts or any one interested.

These training programs are generally organised as follows:

First three days: Meant for those who are new to ExtendSim7 modelling environment.

Next Two days: More advanced concepts and practice through a project to reinforce the learning.

Learning Objectives
Focus: Discrete Event Simulation modelling essentials
First three days:
  1. Simulation Concepts as applied to evolving a solution to a selected problem.
  2. Basic item and value blocks
  3. Item attributes and priorities
  4. Creating and using ExtendSim database
  5. Routing the items
  6. Batching and Unbatching of items
  7. Cloning, 2D animation and hierarchical blocks
  8. Using resources and their scheduling
  9. Learning to write simple small programs (10 or less lines) in equation blocks
  10. Advanced processing and queuing methods
  11. Using statistics related blocks
Next two days:
  1. Input Modelling examples
  2. Enhancing further model building skills by a class project
  3. Reporting of performance measures etc
Types of Training Programs
  1. Custom Corporate Training: Essentials Course. The project selected could be related to its line of business during last two days of the five days program with optional extension for another five days for advanced training. It is normally conducted for 6 to 7 hours a day at the site of the corporate where required facilities are readily available . Recommended participants: Minimum 5 and Maximum 8.

  2. Public Training: Essentials Course for 5 days. It is conducted every year during third week of January and third week of July. Each participant will be provided for the course with a Laptop, ExtendSim LT and course material. Maximum participants: 10. It will be conducted in a place of peace and learning, away from bustle and hustle, but near a business city(Lonawala for example).

  3. We also conduct advanced training program as per needs.

Kindly get in touch for further details.
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